Multi-Professional Renal Workforce Plan for Adults and Children with Kidney Disease


The 2020 BRS Multi-Professional Workforce Plan for adults and children living with kidney disease was launched at UKKW on 13th October.

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Many Thanks to our Vice Presidents Hannah Young and Karen Jenkins for their editing skills and the BRS Affiliate groups for their extensive contribution.


People with kidney  disease require  support from  a wide range of  healthcare professionals and social service agencies throughout their renal ‘journey’. Multi-professional team working is key for the delivery of high-quality kidney care across the patient pathway. To enable this, integrated working relationships between patients, renal healthcare professionals primary care teams, other healthcare teams and outside agencies are essential.


The British Renal Society first established a multi-professional National Renal Workforce Planning Group in January 2001 to prepare recommendations for establishment of staffing across each professional group involved in kidney care. The aim of the report was to provide a robust renal workforce plan (covering the range of specialist renal adult and children’s services available across the UK at that time) to support the implementation of the Renal National Service Framework.1,2


The full 2002 recommendations can be accessed here


Since the publication of the 2002 document, there has been a sustained rise in the number of adults and children being diagnosed and treated for kidney disease. The complexity ​of care has also increased and requires additional and specialist clinical skills and support across primary and secondary care settings. Greater patient involvement in service design, advances in technology, research and quality improvement initiatives have also influenced clinical practice and workforce configuration, encouraging new ways of working to make the best use of skills and knowledge available.


In response, The British Renal Society convened a multi-professional National Renal Workforce Planning Group in November 2018 to review and revise the 2002 workforce planning recommendations. This document provides a robust renal workforce plan to support the implementation of national workforce planning directives and is intended to be of value to:

  • Organisations involved in the development and management of renal services based upon patient pathways including Primary Care Trusts, Care Commissioning Groups (CCG), specialist commissioning, secondary and tertiary care providers, the re-emerging renal networks and commercial companies providing renal services;
  • The Kidney Quality Improvement Partnership (KQuIP);
  • Sustainability and Transformation Planning;
  • Applicable National Guidelines Groups / National Standards;
  • People living with kidney disease, and those who support them;
  • Organisations who support people living with kidney disease

The document has been authored by the affiliate and partner groups of the British Renal Society and is available to download here.  It is intended to be a ‘living document’ which will be reviewed and updated accordingly on a two-yearly cycle, to reflect innovations in practice, research and the changing demographic of the UK population.

Individual chapters, reflecting each of the professional groups included within the workforce plan are available to download by clicking on the links below:



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