2020 Abstracts

2020 Conference Abstracts

YearPaper referenceAbstract TitleAuthor
2020P2P2 - Heparin Induced Thrombocytopenia leading to cardiorespiratory arrest during haemodialysis - lessons from an uncommon occurrence and a review of the literatureZain Ul Abideen
2020P4P4 - Incidence and Risk Factors of Sudden Cardiac Death in End Stage Renal Disease Patients undergoing Haemodialysis: A Retrospective StudyMuhammad Tassaduq Khan
2020P5P5 - Assessment of Quality of Life in Saudi Hemodialysis patients and Associated FactorsAbdulla Al-Sayyari
2020P6P6 - Non-Adherence to Hemodialysis among Patients- Causes and ConsequencesAbdulla Al-Sayyari
2020P7P7 - Nutritional Implications of Low Calorie Diets in Obese Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease: An Observational Study.Alison Lyles
2020P8P8 - Diagnostic and research outcomes from a medical kidney stone clinicGiulia Maria Magni
2020O9O9 - Kidney transplant outcomes for children and young adults in the UKAlexander Hamilton
2020P10P10 - Evaluation of the clinical impact of routine screening for asymptomatic bacteriuria amongst kidney transplant recipients in the immediate post-operative periodAlison Craik
2020P11P11 - How does a transplant pharmacist support successful kidney transplantation in a patient with HIV and Hepatitis B co-infection and no speech, sight or hearing?Maria Martinez
2020P14P14 - Exercise for people living with frailty and receiving haemodialysis: a mixed-methods randomised controlled feasibility study.Hannah Young
2020P15P15 - The impact and sustainability of a holiday dialysis facility.Christopher Swan
2020P16P16 - Exercise during dialysis as part of routine careJoanne Mason
2020P17P17 - A project to bring complementary therapies to those on dialysisWinifred Yeboah
2020P18P18 - Reality of ANCA associated vasculitis (AAV) remission and relapse, prolonged use of glucorticosteroids and burden of disease – a real world study in the UKPeter Rutherford
2020P19P19 - Glucocorticoid exposure and its link to serious adverse events in patients with ANCA-associated vasculitis in the UKPeter Rutherford
2020P20P20 - Cannabidiol & calcineurin inhibitors- A not so benign interactionSangam Malani
2020P22P22 - The role of a Dialysis Assistant Practitioner and their impact on a shared care and home haemodialysis service within a regional renal unit utilising a Kidney Care UK GrantClare Allinson
2020P23P23 - Challenges for the future of Renal Nurse Education in a regional renal centreClare Allinson
2020P24P24 - Top tips for fleet transition with merged satellite unit
utilising a "single fleet" method.
Andrew Muggleton
2020P25P25 - Establishing mortality associated with AKI in a DGH and then trying to do something about it- introduction and audit of the AKI7 care bundleChristopher Paisey
2020P26P26 - Acute interstitial nephritis due to SGLT2 inhibitor empagliflozin; a case reportJamie Willows
2020P27P27 - Understanding the clinical course and complications in adults with ADPKDStephanie Bogan
2020P28P28 - Early renal function trajectories, cytomegalovirus serostatus and long-term graft outcomes in kidney transplant recipients: A Bayesian analysis studyJonathan Philip Law
2020P29P29 - The effect of regularly dosed paracetamol versus no paracetamol on renal function in Plasmodium knowlesi malaria (PACKNOW): a randomised controlled trial.Daniel Cooper
2020P30P30 - Improving the care of young adults and adolescents with Kidney disease: Results of a patient surveyBehrouz Nezafat Maldonado
2020P31P31 - Management of blood and urine parameters in distal renal tubular acidosis (dRTA) with a novel prolonged-release treatmentMaria Asunción Manso-Silván
2020P32P32 - Long-term management of metabolic parameters in distal renal tubular acidosis (dRTA) with a novel prolonged-release treatmentMaria Asunción Manso-Silván
2020P33P33 - Should we use a dialysate potassium concentrate of 3mmol/l more often?Felicia Tan
2020P34P34 - Impact of a medium cut-off dialyzer on skin autofluorescence in haemodialysis patientsDaniela Viramontes Horner
2020P35P35 - Impact of malnutrition on health-related quality of life in dialysis patients: a prospective study.Daniela Viramontes Horner
2020P36P36 - Clinical frailty scoring in patients with end stage renal disease: A predictor of declining health?Lucy Hetherington
2020P37P37 - Empagliflozin (EMPA) and incidence of rapid decline in eGFR in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) and established cardiovascular disease (CVD): an exploratory analysis from the EMPA-REG OUTCOME trialSally Neath
2020P38P38 - Examining patient distress and need for support across UK renal units with varying models of psychosocial service delivery: a cross-sectional survey studyMaaike Seekles
2020P39P39 - Building Bridges from Children’s to Adult Kidney Care Services- Making a difference showing we careSharon Byrne
2020P40P40 - Follow up for the Acute Renal Transplant - Room for improvement?Jonathan Gamble
2020P41P41 - Iron management in a haemodialysis population post-PIVOTALRosiane Kenou Djotsa
2020P43P43 - Quality Improvement case study - Using the Kidney PREM results to improve transport provisionHelen Cronin
2020P44P44 - The journey, not the destination: Renal cholesterol embolization secondary to coiling of a ruptured intracranial aneurysmKeegan Lee
2020P45P45 - Multiparametric Renal MRI in Chronic Kidney Disease: changes in clinical and MRI measures over two yearsRebecca Noble
2020P46P46 - De-indexed estimated glomerular filtration rates: Improving renal function estimation in obese patientShaw Kang Liew
2020P47P47 - A long-term retrospective outcome analysis of ANCA-negative pauci-immune glomerulonephritisJennifer O'Brien
2020P48P48 - Impact of directly observed treatment of one-alfacalcidol on mineral bone disorder profile in dialysis patients- A single unit pilot studyMirza Yasar Baig
2020P49P49 - Tolvaptan in ADPCKD - a 3 year experience of service delivery in a district general hospitalSourabh Chand
2020P50P50 - Hematological Profile in End Stage Renal Disease Patients in Pakistan: A Cross-sectional Research StudyMuhammad Tassaduq Khan
2020P51P51 - Cytomegalovirus Infection and Risk of New-Onset Diabetes after Transplantation: A Retrospective StudyMuhammad Tassaduq Khan
2020P52P52 - New-Onset Diabetes among Kidney Transplant Recipients in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Karachi, PakistanMuhammad Tassaduq Khan
2020P53P53 - Use of vascular access for haemodialysis patients: a retrospective analysis of indications and outcomes in 12 monthsQiaoling Zhou
2020P54P54 - Circulating lymphocytes, monocytes and cytokines in renal transplant recipients and healthy controls: a longitudinal analysisGanisha Hutchinson
2020P55P55 - Nephrology involvement in deceased donor kidney organ offers: a national survey.Gareth Jones
2020P56P56 - Performance of GFR estimation equations in living kidney donors - A single centre studyTayeba Roper
2020P57P57 - A noticed decline in peritoneal dialysis prevalent patients in our unit and measures to encourage growthLinsey Worsey
2020P58P58 - Reporting E.coli bacteraemia in UK Renal Registry – what does it tell us about our haemodialysis population?Emma Vaux
2020P60P60 - The safety profile of repeat rituximab treatment in ANCA-associated vasculitis – a 10 year single centre studyPek Ghe Tan
2020P61P61 - Treatment Efficacy of Biosimilar Rituximab (Truxima®) Compared to the originator (Mabthera®) in Patients with ANCA associated VasculitisPek Ghe Tan
2020P63P63 - Validation of the ANCA Renal Risk Score in a London Cohort: Potential Impact of Treatment on Prediction OutcomePek Ghe Tan
2020P64P64 - Stable calcium isotopes: a novel biomarker of bone mineralisation in children with chronic kidney diseaseRukshana Shroff
2020P65P65 - Hypocalcaemia management post parathyroidectomy in renal patients - A review of practiceTricia Tay
2020P66P66 - Identifying AKI deterioration rates in an acute hospital setting; a comparative study.Rachel Austin
2020P67P67 - Vancomycin dosing for peritoneal dialysis-related peritonitis: a single centre experienceMounika Nallapuneni
2020P68P68 - Cardiovascular Determinants of Physical Function in Patients with ESRD on HaemodialysisSherna Adenwalla
2020P69P69 - Decision making about home dialysis: What are the voices of renal patients approaching end stage kidney disease?Christopher Duncan
2020P70P70 - Patient activation, symptom burden and quality of life across chronic kidney disease stages: results from a large UK cohortWinnie Magadi
2020P71P71 - ‘Bikes for Dialysis’: A service improvement project introducing intradialytic exercise to a satellite haemodialysis unitSarah Gilbert
2020P72P72 - The association between frailty and outcomes after acute kidney injury: a cohort study in UK routine careViyaasan Mahalingasivam
2020P73P73 - The EX-FRAIL CKD Trial: a pilot randomised controlled trial of a home-based EXercise programme for pre-frail and FRAIL, older adults with Chronic Kidney DiseaseAndrew Nixon
2020P74P74 - Performance of traditional and novel formula-based estimates of glomerular filtration rate in living kidney transplant donorsRichard Shemilt
2020P76P76 - An educational e-learning intervention on blood borne viruses (BBV) for a haemodialysis unit to reduce patient harm: A quality improvement project.Satyen Yadav
2020P77P77 - Identifying areas for improving junior doctor education through the analysis of electronic referrals to the renal department in an acute hospitalBahareh Arsalanizadeh
2020P79P79 - Spread of Acute Kidney Injury Improvement Programme across a Large Multi-Site Teaching hospitalPrasanna Hanumapura
2020P80P80 - What impact would a post discharge follow up clinic have on patients after an AKI episode during a hospital admission?Prasanna Hanumapura
2020P81P81 - Higher physical activity levels before and after an episode of stage 3 AKI are associated with improved renal recoveryAnam Asad
2020P82P82 - ‘I was surprised that the machine could build muscles in your legs … it looks like something out of Alien’: Patient experiences of resistance exercise training in CKDCourtney Lightfoot
2020P83P83 - Identifying and assessing the phenotypic features of HNF1B deletions and duplications in UK BiobankKittiya Sukcharoen
2020P84P84 - An audit of end of life care for renal patients at a tertiary care centre in EnglandAlexander Burrrell
2020P85P85 - A randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of vitamin K supplementation to improve vascular health in kidney transplant recipients: the ViKTORIES trialJennifer Lees
2020P86P86 - Radiation nephropathy is associated with a glomerular thrombotic microangiopathy and progression to end stage kidney diseaseIsabela Bertoni
2020P87P87 - How do primary care practitioners perceive virtual clinics for chronic kidney disease? A survey to explore how renal services could enhance support for chronic kidney disease management in primary care.Helen Rainey
2020P88P88 - Development of a new software application (App) to enhance patient centred management of Nephrotic Syndrome.Sandie Jenkins
2020P90P90 - Maximising the uptake of peer support in kidney care: a national survey of renal units across the UKEleri Wood
2020P91P91 - An innovative MDT approach to optimising haemodialysis initiationLyndsey Abdulnassir
2020P92P92 - Collecting Renal Dietetic Outcomes to Drive Service ImprovementFiona Willingham
2020P93P93 - Nutritional assessment of a haemodialysis population: an analysis of the dietetic intervention and nutrition status.Helen Clackson
2020P94P94 - The implementation of dietetic prescribing following the introduction of supplementary prescribing for dietitians.Fiona Willingham
2020P95P95 - The effects of single and multi-component exercise, nutrition and educational interventions upon clinical and health-related quality of life outcomes in persons approaching and commencing dialysis – a systematic literature reviewFiona Willingham
2020P96P96 - The effect of a multi-component lifestyle intervention on nutritional status and body composition in persons approaching dialysisFiona Willingham
2020P98P98 - Implementation of a frailty screening programme and a modified Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment service in a Nephrology CentreAndrew Nixon
2020P99P99 - Does incremental initiation of haemodialysis preserve native kidney function ? A multi-centre feasibility randomised controlled trial.RAJA MOHAMMED Kaja Kamal
2020P100P100 - A cross sectional and longitudinal evaluation of plasma inflammatory biomarkers in patients with stroke and CKDJames Tollitt
2020P101P101 - A feasibility study investigating longitudinal cognitive changes in patients transitioning from advanced CKD through to dialysisJames Tollitt
2020P102P102 - A positive Flow Cytometry XM increases AMR but not graft loss following HLA-incompatible kidney transplantationTrijntje Rennie
2020P104P104 - Is it time to ditch HbA1c on dialysis? Results of an observational study using continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) in patients with Type 2 diabetes and chronic kidney disease (CKD) stage 3-5, and patients with Type 2 diabetes on haemodialysis.Hsiu Lye Yap
2020P105P105 - A single centre picture of conservative care: incidence, progression and outcomesAilish Nimmo
2020P106P106 - Prevention is better than cure: Reducing peritoneal dialysis exit site infectionsRichard Powell
2020P107P107 - Can we ‘Fast Track’ living donor assessment? A Quality Improvement projectRichard Powell
2020P108P108 - The role of serum microRNAs in the pathogenesis of IgA nephropathyJasraj Singh Bhachu
2020P109P109 - Is our assessment of peritoneal dialysis adequate?Richard Powell
2020P110P110 - Virtual Hypertension Clinic: Integrating Primary and Secondary Hypertension Care in North Central LondonStephen Walsh
2020P111P111 - Monogenic Hypertension Associated with a Pathogenic STX16 MutationStephen Walsh
2020P112P112 - Kidney professional experiences of managing people’s advancing chronic kidney disease.Anna Winterbottom
2020P113P113 - The Impact of Hyperkalaemia and Its Concurrence With Cardiovascular and Renal Comorbidities on Healthcare Resource Use in The UKAlexander Gueret-Wardle
2020P114P114 - The Association Between Hyperkalaemia Risk and Cardiovascular and Renal Comorbidities in a Large Real-World Cohort of CKD PatientsAlexander Gueret-Wardle
2020P115P115 - The High-volume Haemodiafiltration vs High-flux Haemodialysis Registry Trial (H4RT) – Recruitment progress following QRI recommendationsSunita Procter
2020P116P116 - Patterns of Hyperkalemia Recurrence Among Chronic Kidney Disease Patients in UK Clinical PracticeAlexander Gueret-Wardle
2020P117P117 - Reconsidering rehabilitation in Renal Medicine: assessing the impact of Therapy Assistant Practitioners in the inpatient environment.Helen Kalsi
2020P118P118 - Trial Designs within the Haemodialysis Population: Are we getting it right?Prachi Kaushal
2020P119P119 - Using whole-exome sequencing to identify PKD1 and PKD2 in 50,000 UK Biobank participantsKittiya Sukcharoen
2020P120P120 - What are patients’ experiences of cannulation for haemodialysis?: A qualitative systematic reviewCatherine Fielding
2020P121P121 - Increasing self-management in non-dialysis CKD patients: exploring potential patient characteristics of low and high patient activation levelsKatherine Memory
2020P122P122 - Life Threatening Haemorrhage – turning a negative into a positive.Alison Swain
2020P123P123 - Knowledge of renal diet amongst haemodialysis unit nursing staff: Results from a multicentre based questionnaireMary Wilson-Brown
2020P124P124 - Are plant based milks of nutritional and dietary value for patients with chronic kidney disease?Mary Wilson-Brown
2020P125P125 - Tissue resident macrophages turn inflammatory in a mouse model of peritoneal dialysis induced fibrosis.Dominik Ruckerl
2020P126P126 - The Benefit to the Renal Community of the NIHR 70 @ 70 Nurse and Midwife Research Leadership ProgrammeCatherine Johnson
2020P129P129 - Novel medium cut-off high-flux dialysis membrane (Theranova) improves patient haemoglobin and reduces erythropoietin resistance index.Amin Oomatia
2020P130P130 - Do visual aids and “shock tactics” improve understanding of the clinical consequences of hyperphosphataemia and increase motivation to manage phosphate levels in haemodialysis patientsLucy Garnier
2020P131P131 - Single nucleus RNA sequencing identifies new classes of renal proximal tubular epithelial cell in a chronic renal fibrosis modelYueh-An Lu
2020P132P132 - Profiling the Frailty Demographic of Renal AdmissionsBeth Starkey
2020P133P133 - Occupational therapy needs in a new starter haemodialysis populationLisa Ancliffe
2020P134P134 - An evaluation of a nurse led Tolvaptan (Jinarc) service for the treatment of Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease (ADPKD) in a UK district general hospital.Racheal Hariman-smith
2020P135P135 - The impact of enteral nutrition in patients with kidney disease, either during an acute admission or in patients admitted electively to treat malnutritionJessica Budd
2020P136P136 - Development of a Questionnaire to Capture Patients’ Perspectives of Needling for HaemodialysisCatherine Fielding
2020P137P137 - Rapid improvements in pre-emptive transplant listing and living donor transplant by a multidisciplinary team on the KQuIP Transplant First QI project.Rosie Donne
2020P138P138 - Nutritional and biochemical outcomes in the pre-dialysis stage of Chronic Kidney Disease: a comparison of two UK renal unitsNatalie Wilcox
2020P139P139 - Patient experiences of food and diet to inform the development of a renal cookbookNicola Thomas
2020P140P140 - Improving clinical monitoring and governance of the renal homecare service for erythropoietin stimulating agents: a quality improvement projectCaroline Taylor
2020P141P141 - Involving a haemodialysis patient in a systematic review: A clinician and patient perspectiveCatherine Fielding
2020P142P142 - Individuals commencing haemodialysis frequently have unmet physiotherapy needs identifiable by early physiotherapy interventionLyndsey Abdulnassir
2020P143P143 - Post-discharge risk stratification after AKI. An external validation and decision curve analysis of two risk models.Simon Sawhney
2020P144P144 - The first 100 days: a single centre experience of the updated 2019 NHSBT kidney transplant allocation policyMiriam Berry
2020P145P145 - Prevalence and prognosis of hyperkalemia in people hospitalised with and without AKISimon Sawhney
2020P146P146 - Sharing experience of implementing Dietitian prescribing – forewarned is forearmed.Nicki Ruddock
2020P147P147 - Incident CKD Over 5-Years in a Population-Based Study of Apparently Healthy Young Adults at Risk of Mesoamerican Nephropathy (MeN)Amin Oomatia
2020P148P148 - Auditing the nutritional care process on an acute renal wardFiona Willingham
2020P150P150 - Cinacalcet: an audit of prescribing practices and clinical effectiveness. Is it time for change?Sharon Huish
2020P151P151 - Experience of the implementation of a local safety standard for renal proceduresCatriona Shaw
2020P152P152 - Coexisting direct and indirect mechanism of renal damage in monoclonal gammopathyMyint Aye
2020P153P153 - Associations with peritoneal dialysis treatment failure for children and young adults in the UKHannah Lyons
2020P155P155 - Caring for diabetic patients on unit haemodialysis: a quality improvement project based on Joint British Diabetes Society guidelinesMark Davies
2020P156P156 - Should clinicians enquire about joint symptoms routinely in haemodialysis patients?– results from a pilot surveyRehab Mohammed
2020P157P157 - Urine biomarkers for Acute Kidney Stress in Major Elective Surgical Patients – a feasibility study.Karen Perkins
2020P158P158 - Sex and the risk of acute reduction in kidney function after renin-angiotensin blockade: parallel analyses of a primary care cohort and two randomised trialsAngel Wong
2020P160P160 - Awareness and perceptions of home therapies amongst in-centre haemodialysis population.Khai Ping Ng
2020P161P161 - Perceptions of home therapies amongst in-centre haemodialysis nursing staff in a single renal unitKhai Ping Ng
2020P162P162 - Meeting the needs of frail patients with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD): Patient and staff perceptions.Jackie Mcnicholas
2020P164P164 - A 10-year review of renal artery stenting in 55 studiesSeema Jham
2020P165P165 - Sikh and muslim perspectives on kidney transplantation.Sarah Brand
2020P166P166 - An audit on using the Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool (MUST) in a UK renal inpatient populationKatie James
2020P167P167 - A Quality Improvement project (QiP) to improve patient experience by reducing waiting time for a blood test appointmentIsabela Bertoni
2020P168P168 - A randomized, controlled trial of rituximab versus azathioprine after induction of remission with rituximab for patients with ANCA-associated vasculitis and relapsing diseaseRona Smith
2020P170P170 - Feasibility and acceptability of high intensity interval training and moderate intensity continuous training in renal transplant recipients: The PACE-KD studyRoseanne Billany
2020P171P171 - A comparative study exploring the facilitators and barriers of the non medical prescriber role within the haemodialysis unit.Sally Haslam
2020P172P172 - Pain management in calciphylaxis: A knowledge, attitude and practice survey among physiciansRajkumar Chinnadurai
2020P173P173 - Hemodiafiltration maintains a sustained improvement in BP compared to conventional hemodialysis in children - the HDF, Heart and Height (3H) studyFrancesca De Zan
2020P174P174 - Within-patient relationships between ultrafiltration and fluid gains in haemodialysis patientsMai Nguyen
2020P175P175 - Predicting Progression of Chronic Kidney Disease Using Machine LearningThomas Oates
2020P176P176 - Pauci-immune vasculitis presenting as granulomatous glomerulonephritis - an elusive diagnosis on many levelsGemma Banham
2020P177P177 - A UK perspective of dialysis modality choice amongst healthcare workers.Rizwan Hamer
2020P178P178 - HDx using medium cut off dialysers: A better way to dialyse?Nageen Anwar
2020P179P179 - Measuring health literacy in end stage renal failure patients receiving haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis in clinical practice – a cross-sectional studyJiaqi Shi
2020P180P180 - An Audit of Management of Patients Presenting with Exercise Induced RhabdomyolysisSaima Waseem
2020P181P181 - A national survey of non-face-to-face services for Chronic Kidney Disease in the UK.Daniel McGuinness
2020P182P182 - The invincible kidney or a disaster waiting to happen? An atypical case of anti-GBM disease with an isolated pulmonary presentationKashif Anwari
2020P183P183 - Quality of life on Tolvaptan.Hannah Jenkins
2020P184P184 - Renal transplant in Carbohydrate-deficient glycoprotein syndrome type 1a.Sarah Langford
2020P185P185 - Vending machines in a renal outpatient setting – a difficult audience to pleaseRebecca Watkin
2020P186P186 - Implementing MAGIC and improving cannulation practiceCatherine Fielding
2020P187P187 - The longitudinal impact of acceptance of illness on quality of life outcomes for haemodialysis patients.Carol Stalker
2020P188P188 - Clinician reported cognitive impairment and residual renal function in older patients on peritoneal dialysis : a retrospective analysisOsasuyi Iyasere
2020P189P189 - Experiences of patients who have participated in a chosen arts or creative living activity whilst receiving in-centre haemodialysis: a qualitative studyFrancesca Taylor
2020P190P190 - Genetic variation in the carboxylesterase 2 gene and susceptibility to side effects with mycophenolate mofetilDaniel Adlington
2020P191P191 - Communication with primary care following hospital admission with acute kidney injuryTim Scale
2020P192P192 - Predicting change in target weight of a haemodialysis patient using ensemble machine learning techniqueShoab Saadat
2020P193P193 - Understanding how to improve medicine and renal departmental induction for junior doctorsVictoria Carnall
2020P194P194 - Everolimus use in kidney transplant recipients during pregnancy: case report and literature review.Hannah Blakey
2020P195P195 - Fludrocortisone corrects tacrolimus associated hyperkalemia in renal transplant patientsMysore Phanish
2020P196P196 - Perceptions of Illness Severity, Treatment goals and Life Expectancy: The ePISTLE StudyHannah Beckwith
2020P197P197 - ISN Sister Renal Centers Programme: the journey towards establishing peritoneal dialysis in the Niger Delta, NigeriaDavid Lewis
2020P198P198 - Clinical characteristics of the UK Chinese population with kidney failure: a UK Renal Registry analysisKatie Wong
2020P199P199 - A snapshot survey to look at UK dietetic practice with respect to the dietetic management of patients with co-existent diabetes mellitus (DM) and end stage renal disease (ESRD)Oonagh Gooding
2020P200P200 - Implications of Hemodialysis Access Surveillance on Reducing Risk of Access Thrombosis: A Meta-analysis of Randomised StudiesHatem Ali
2020P201P201 - U-Drain for automated peritoneal dialysis: 3 year follow up safety and outcomesDavid Lewis
2020P202P202 - Access to kidney transplantation in the UK Chinese population: a UK Renal Registry analysisKatie Wong
2020P203P203 - Glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP-1) receptor agonists in overweight patients with type 2 diabetes with and without CKDMysore Phanish
2020P204P204 - Pre-emptive renal transplantation versus transplantation after a period of dialysis in paediatric patients: a systematic review and meta-analysisReshma Rana Magar
2020P205P205 - Day case per-cutaneous kidney biopsy with interventional radiologist; experience in a District General Hospital.Rotimi Oluyombo
2020P206P206 - Acute Kidney Injury in a national cohort of children: epidemiology and outcomes using linked electronic health record dataLucy Plumb
2020P207P207 - “Haemodialysis is nothing like it was portrayed”. An exploration of shared-decision making in haemodialysis initiation.Hannah Beckwith
2020P208P208 - Investigating reasons for ethnic inequity in living donor kidney transplantation in the UK: a mixed-methods analysis of a multicentre questionnaire-based studyKatie Wong
2020P210P210 - Developing a Renal Teaching Programme for International Medical Elective StudentsTasnim Momoniat
2020P211P211 - Identifying Acute Kidney Injury in children: comparing clinical indicator alerts with electronic health record dataLucy Plumb
2020P212P212 - Role of Plasma exchange in hypertriglyceridemia-induced acute pancreatitisGutty Bhamini
2020P215P215 - Incidence of Skin Cancer – A Long Term Outcome of Immunosuppression in Renal Transplant Recipients Associated With The Usage of AzathioprineHimaja Bheemreddy
2020P216P216 - Sodium zirconium cyclosilicate (SZC) for treatment of chronic hyperkalaemia in order to maximise inhibition of renin–angiotensin–aldosterone system (RAAS) – what is the impact in the general nephrology clinic?Priyank Patel
2020P217P217 - The effect of patients’ preferred dialysis modality on the first dialysis modality they receiveGutty Bhamini
2020P218P218 - Evaluating medication prescribing errors on discharge letters at a UK renal unit before and after implementation of interfaced electronic prescribing and discharge computer systemsAmy Page
2020P220P220 - Vascular Access in a Frail Haemodialysis PopulationWan Shun Wong
2020P221P221 - Young adults’ experiences of dialysis and kidney transplant decision-making: social media recruitment of participantsSarah Ofori-ansah
2020P222P222 - Are IgG autoantibodies a key pathogenic trigger in IgAN?Katrin Scionti
2020P223P223 - Introduction of a dedicated Acute Injury Clinic to reduce hospital admissions, mortality and length of stayMustakim Khandaker
2020P224P224 - Acute and chronic kidney disease preceding dialysis initiation – an audit of UK Renal Registry dataBarnaby Hole
2020P225P225 - Multimorbidity and adverse clinical outcomes in patients with chronic kidney disease: findings from the UK Biobank Cohort.Michael Sullivan
2020P226P226 - Peri-operative hyperkalaemia in deceased-donor kidney transplant recipientsToby Humphrey
2020P227P227 - Hyperkalaemia in prevalent kidney transplant recipientsToby Humphrey
2020P228P228 - Anticoagulation in Congenital Nephrotic Syndrome: 15 year experience from a national cohortLaurence Dobbie
2020P230P230 - Chemerin as a novel target for the alleviation of CKD induced muscle weaknessLuke Baker
2020P231P231 - Treatment of Hyperkalaemia in an Emergency with Lokelma, an oral Potassium binder; the design and rationale for the HELP-K randomised placebo-controlled trialToby Humphrey
2020P232P232 - Ultrasound and microbubble treatment of human renal proximal tubular epithelial cells in vitro enhances the liberation of miRNA biomarkers.Oliver Teenan
2020P233P233 - The Optimising Staff-Patient Communication in Advanced Renal disease (OSCAR) study: Protocol for a new NIHR-funded project to develop a communication interventionLucy Selman
2020P235P235 - The Prepare for Kidney Care Randomised Controlled Trial: Recruitment Progress and ChallengesHelen Winton
2020P236P236 - Carer and patient perspectives of among people treated with home haemodialysis.Martin Wilkie
2020P237P237 - Calciphylaxis in dialysis patients: a single centre auditKanesan Vickneswaran
2020P238P238 - Leukopenia and neutropenia post-renal transplantation: A multi-centred retrospective cohort studyBernadine Han Ern Chua
2020P239P239 - Diagnosis and Management of Community Acquired Acute Kidney Injury using Point of Care Testing in Nigeria. Technology Evaluation and Study Design.Dimitrios Poulikakos
2020P240P240 - Intravenous Cyclophosphamide for Treatment of Single-Positive Anti-GBM Disease in a Tertiary Renal CentreNathan Lorde
2020P241P241 - “Happiness is having a scratch for every itch” - Pruritus in the dialysis populationMina Raahimi
2020P242P242 - Acute kidney injury identification: use of electronic AKI alerts versus electronic health records in Hospital Episode StatisticsManuela Savino
2020P243P243 - Bariatric surgery in patients with kidney disease; a service evaluation capturing 5 years of practice in a tertiary specialist hospitalElena Tsompanaki
2020P244P244 - Dietary Supplements – Harmless or Hazardous? An Unexpected Tango of Turmeric and Tacrolimus in Transplant RecipientsTristan Williams
2020P245P245 - Risk for TMA recurrence and renal outcomes after eculizumab discontinuation in aHUS: results from the Global aHUS RegistryClare Boothe
2020P246P246 - Efficacy and safety of the long-acting C5-inhibitor ravulizumab in adult patients with Atypical Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (aHUS)Clare Boothe
2020P249P249 - Patients’ and healthcare professionals’ experiences of an arts-based intervention for patients with end-stage kidney disease whilst receiving haemodialysis: A process evaluation.Claire Carswell
2020P250P250 - Sarcopenia, chronic kidney disease and the risk of mortality and end stage renal disease: findings from 428,331 individuals in the UK BiobankThomas Wilkinson
2020P252P252 - Symptom burden clusters in people with chronic kidney diseaseShalini Santhakumaran
2020P253P253 - Recurrent urinary tract infections are associated with significantly worse renal transplant functionSarah Hildebrand
2020P254P254 - Evaluating the impact of routine colecalciferol on secondary hyperparathyroidism: are renal guidelines missing something?Sharon Huish
2020P255P255 - A discrete choice experiment to elicit prevalent haemodialysis patient attitudes to longer or more frequent in-centres haemodialysis regimesJames Fotheringham
2020P256P256 - Sodium zirconium cyclosilicate for the treatment of persisent hyperkalaemia in prevalent haemodialysis patients: Experience from clinical practiceOwain Brooks
2020P257P257 - Pregnancy in women with relapsing minimal change disease – experience of a Tertiary Renal Obstetric CentreSarah Gleeson
2020P258P258 - Initiating dialysis improves symptom burden in patients and slightly improves in spouses: A longitudinal, multi-centre studyCurrie Moore
2020P260P260 - Non-classical monocytes increase after fistuloplasty of an arteriovenous fistula and may promote restenosisSeran Hakki
2020P261P261 - An audit of phosphate binder and Cinacalcet wastage in a haemodialysis populationEmma Taylor
2020P262P262 - An Inexpensive Method for Vascular Access Monitoring & Surveillance at A Satellite Dialysis Unit.Bernard Barrios
2020P263P263 - Educational tools for haemodialysis patients: Development of a haemodialysis education dayMosammat Akter
2020P264P264 - Administration of oral nutritional supplements and enteral tube feeds on inpatient renal wardsConor Murray
2020P265P265 - Strategies for Reduction of Cardiovascular Risk: Effect of Time and Different Treatments on Lipids in Membranous NephropathyThomas Oates
2020P266P266 - Serum biomarkers, but not Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry, predict cortical bone mineral density in children and young adults with CKDAlex Lalayiannis
2020P267P267 - Long-term outcomes after treatment with low-dose IV cyclophosphamide in black patients with lupus nephritis.Jonathan Dick
2020P268P268 - Patient activation and kidney disease specific knowledge in an advanced kidney care clinicJonathan Dick
2020P270P270 - Evaluating Pain in Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney DiseaseRagada El-damanawi
2020P271P271 - Inherited salt losing tubulopathies are associated with altered immunity and clinical immunodeficiency due to impaired IL-17 responsesRhys Evans
2020P272P272 - The impact of phosphate additives on haemodialysis patients' dietsElizabeth Rai
2020P273P273 - Patient Knowledge, Control and Experiences of Intradialytic Fluid Management: A Comparison of In-centre and Home Haemodialysis PatientsMegan Glyde
2020P274P274 - Establishing a Renal Assessment Unit to enhance access to specialist renal services pilot results.Linsey Worsey
2020P275P275 - High intensity interval training in renal transplant recipients: perceptions, experiences, and readiness to participateRoseanne Billany
2020P276P276 - Comparison of biosimilar rituximab (Truxima®) to the originator (Mabthera®) in patients with lupus nephritisJennifer O'Brien
2020P278P278 - A hyperkalaemia educational animation for people with kidney disease: An acceptability studyOwain Brooks
2020P279P279 - Pregnancy following kidney transplantation: Experience of a tertiary renal obstetric service between 1996 and 2020Sarah Gleeson
2020P281P281 - Pilot and feasibility study examining the effects of a comprehensive volume reduction protocol on hydration status and blood pressure in hemodialysis patients.Ken Wilund
2020P282P282 - Molecular genetic identification of PODXL nonsense mutation in a family with familial renal diseaseSamuel Duffy
2020P283P283 - How effective are renal dietitians? An evaluation of practice!Jack Chilton
2020P284P284 - Muscle symptom burden: differences between non-dialysis CKD patients and non-CKD adultsNoemi Vadaszy
2020P285P285 - Reducing acute kidney injury patient readmission through appropriate patient information at the point of dischargeBecky Bonfield
2020P286P286 - Tolvaptan for Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease: Factors Affecting the Patient ExperienceFiona Karet
2020P287P287 - Sirt5 deletion protects from ischaemic AKI and enhances nephrotoxic CKDTimo Haschler
2020P288P288 - Diabetes care in people on maintenance haemodialysis – Patient perceived care Vs. Documentation of careApexa Kuverji
2020P289P289 - Using Patient Reported Outcome measures (PROMs) to promote quality of care in the management of patients with established kidney disease requiring treatment with haemodialysis in the UK (PROM-HD): a qualitative study.Nicola Anderson
2020P290P290 - A secondary data analysis of the impact of rejection on the long-term outcomes of human leukocyte antigen antibody incompatible renal transplantationsAisha Abimbola
2020P291P291 - How do we improve the diabetic care of our in-centre haemodialysis population?Apexa Kuverji
2020P293P293 - Assessing the feasibility of "low-tech" exercise and the impact on physical functioning in haemodialysis patients: a pilot studyNyangi Gityamwi
2020P294P294 - A silent storm: report of a case of progressive renal failure secondary to IgG4-related kidney diseasePraneshan Moodley
2020P295P295 - Developing an International Centre for Renal Training – an example from the North WestMadelena Stauss
2020P296P296 - In vitro models of AKI reveal cell injury specific cytokine responsesGiulio Podda
2020P297P297 - Chronic kidney disease (CKD) leading to acute kidney injury and dialysis initiation – analysis of UK Renal Registry dataManuela Savino
2020P298P298 - Implementing the Gold Standards Framework into an outpatient dialysis unitHelen Spooner
2020P299P299 - Diverticular colonic perforation in patient on Mycophenolate Mofetil and Prednisolone: a case report and literature reviewPaul Warwicker
2020P300P300 - Neutrophils are required for anti-myeloperoxidase antibody vasculitis but inhibition of myeloperoxidase does not affect diseaseFernanda Florez-Barros
2020P301P301 - Malakoplakia: A Rare cause of renal dysfunction, mimicking a renal tumourNageen Anwar
2020P302P302 - Effectiveness of Sodium Zirconium Cyclosilicate (SZC) in Haemodialysis Patients with Severe Hyperkalaemia in the DIALIZE StudyAlexander Gueret-Wardle
2020P303P303 - Using Quality Improvement to Improve the Effectiveness of Dietetics in a Low Clearance ClinicGillian Walker
2020P304P304 - “Traffic Light” Water Jug Lids: A Novel Method To Reduce Dehydration in Hospitalised PatientsNeil Hoye
2020P305P305 - Using a biofeedback system to control Ultrafiltration rates – Does this impact treatment and patient outcomes?Dawn Cooper
2020P306P306 - Cutaneous microcirculatory dysfunction in peritoneal dialysis patientsJennifer Williams
2020P307P307 - Increased complement C5a expression in IgA immune complexes from children with inflammatory renal diseaseRachael Wright
2020P308P308 - Auditing the nutritional care process on an acute renal wardHazel Adams
2020P309P309 - Cultural influences on physical activity and exercise beliefs in patients with Chronic Kidney Disease- The Culture-CKD Study.Juliet Mayes
2020P310P310 - Long-term Imatinib use causing tubulo-interstitial nephritis: a rare adverse effectNageen Anwar
2020P311P311 - Recurrent membranous post transplantation: histopathology, treatment and outcomesSarah Gleeson
2020P312P312 - Validating the diagnostic accuracy of membranous nephropathy in the health improvement network (THIN) databaseRoseanna Wheatley
2020P313P313 - A case report of peritoneal dialysis-associated peritonitis caused by Mycobacterium abscessusDavid Makanjuola
2020P314P314 - Utilising a Delphi Consensus approach to model the progressive Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) patient journey to Renal Replacement Therapy (RRT).Roger Tomlins
2020P315P315 - Antimicrobial resistance of bloodstream infections in a Scottish haemodialysis population, with a focus on vascular access methodKirsty Crowe
2020P316P316 - Using Quality Improvement Methodology to Increase Recruitment and Retention of Patients Receiving Dialysis Therapies at HomeLindsay Chesterton
2020P318P318 - Phosphate additives in processed foods in the UK: how prevalent are they?Elizabeth Rai
2020P319P319 - Do outcomes for hospitalized patients with an acute kidney injury (AKI) vary across specialties in England?Winnie Magadi
2020P320P320 - Seasonality of Acute Kidney Injury for hospitalised patients in EnglandEsther Wong
2020P324P324 - Comparison of two treatment strategies for treating anaemia with erythropoiesis stimulating agent therapy among haemodialysis patients: findings from a marginal structural modelKate Birnie
2020P325P325 - Early post-transplant blood transfusions are common and independently associated with allograft failure: results of a multicentre studySevda Hassan
2020P327P327 - Comparison of outcomes using rituximab (MabThera) with the rituximab biosimilar Truxima in renal patients: a two centre retrospective studyAsmat Abro
2020P329P329 - Sodium Zirconium Cyclosilicate Corrects Hyperkalaemia Within 72 hours Among Outpatients With Severe Hyperkalaemia (Baseline Serum Potassium ≥6 mmol/L) Regardless of Renal Function Level or RAASi Use: Post Hoc Subgroup Analysis of a Phase 3 TrialAlexander Gueret-Wardle
2020P331P331 - Dapagliflozin inhibits inflammatory and fibrotic responses in a human in vitro model of diabetic kidney diseaseGiulio Podda
2020P332P332 - Comprehensive conservative kidney care clinic in a university teaching hospital - a service overview.Rema Saxena
2020P333P333 - Ultrasound Kidney in AKI stage 1: do we comply with the current NICE guidelines?Bjorn Mannathukkaren
2020P334P334 - Prevalence of acute renal failure in the HELLP syndromeSanae Ezzaki
2020P335P335 - Selective versus subtotal parathyroidectomy in secondary hyperparathyroidism in hemodialysisSanae Ezzaki
2020P336P336 - Anxiety and depressive disorders in chronic hemodialysis patientsSanae Ezzaki
2020P337P337 - What psychological factors are associated with neuropathic pain in chronic hemodialysis patients?Sanae Ezzaki
2020P338P338 - Evaluation and analysis of chronic pain in hemodialysis patientsSanae Ezzaki
2020P339P339 - Troponin I in asymptomatic haemodialysis patients in end stage renal disease versus controls: Troponins I are not falsely positiveSanae Ezzaki
2020P340P340 - A qualitative exploration of parental experiences of introducing and implementing Clean Intermittent Catheterisation on two - four-year-old sensate children.Massimo Garriboli
2020P341P341 - Recurrent thrombotic microangiopathy (TMA) in PregnancyPriscilla Smith
2020P342P342 - Hydroxychloroquine usage in Lupus Nephritis Patients in a Single centerRehab Mohammed
2020P343P343 - Fistula Cannula - Is this an alternative to conventional haemodialysis needles?Sarah Smail
2020P344P344 - Predicting relapse in ANCA-associated vasculitis; a systematic review and meta-analysisCatherine King
2020P345P345 - miR-141 Mediates Acute Kidney Injury RecoveryTimothy Bowen
2020P346P346 - Administration of subcutaneous Methoxy polyethylene glycol‐epoetin beta (Mircera) in a paediatric cohort; an 8-year retrospective national centre studyMarianna Bantounou
2020P347P347 - Peritoneal Dialysis retraining: developing a strategy to reassess patient's technique when performing Peritoneal Dialysis and reduce the risk of PeritonitisLinsey Worsey
2020P348P348 - Coordinate My Care is under-utilised in conservatively managed patients with end stage renal diseaseCharles Hall
2020P349P349 - Home haemodialysis outcomes: A single centre experience ion the UKLisa Crowley
2020P350P350 - Neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio (NLR) is an independent predictor of all-cause mortality in patients with end-stage kidney disease on haemodialysisKaitlin Mayne
2020P351P351 - Alternative complement pathway dysregulation in women with pre-eclampsia.Hannah Blakey
2020P352P352 - Outcomes of renal transplantation in adult patients with primary FSGS: a single centre experience over forty years.Manasi Jyothish
2020P353P353 - Outcomes of peritoneal dialysis catheter insertion: A singe centre experienceLisa Crowley
2020P354P354 - Diabetes and Real-World Investigation of Glucose Instability, Variability and Exposure in Haemodialysis Patients (DRIVE-HD) – A Technology Validation.Katey Flowers
2020P355P355 - Diabetes and Real-World Investigation of Glucose Instability, Variability and Exposure in Haemodialysis Patients (DRIVE-HD) – An exploration of Factors causing Glucose Variability (GV)Katey Flowers
2020P356P356 - Proactive High dose Iron Therapy- Are we there yet? A closer look at 2 dialysis units following the Publication of PIVOTAL.Sherry Masoud
2020P357P357 - Diabetes and Real-World Investigation of Glucose Instability, Variability and Exposure in Haemodialysis Patients (DRIVE-HD) – Impact of population Glucose profiling with CGM on clinical decision-making and diabetes therapy decisionsKatey Flowers
2020P358P358 - Effect of frailty and comorbidity in pre-dialysis populationHaroon Ayub
2020P359P359 - ‘Keeping an eye’ on hydroxychloroquine use in the renal clinicOscar Swift
2020P361P361 - Treatment preferences of older people deciding between dialysis and comprehensive conservative care – the UNPACK qualitative studyBarnaby Hole
2020P362P362 - Patient outcomes of a 2-exchange assisted continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (aCAPD) programme for frail older patientsLouise Ryan
2020P363P363 - In-patient dialysis sessions are associated with higher ultrafiltration ratesPriyanka Lakhani
2020P364P364 - Primary cutaneous Nocardia infection in a renal transplant patientSarah Whiteley
2020P365P365 - The prevalence and potential aetiological factors associated with restless legs syndrome in patients with chronic kidney diseaseAleksandra Brzuszek
2020P366P366 - Treatment burden and capacity in older people with chronic kidney disease: a qualitative studyHilda Hounkpatin
2020P367P367 - Cellular senescence inhibits renal regeneration after injury with senolytic treatment promoting repairDavid Ferenbach
2020P368P368 - Soft target weight: a novel haemodialysis protocol which allows dry weight variability and reduces excessive ultrafiltrationDamien Ashby
2020P369P369 - Endothelial glycocalyx heparan sulphate plays a key role in glomerular filtration barrier function in health and is amenable to therapeutic targeting in diabetesMonica Gamez
2020P371P371 - Ixazomib Associated Thrombotic Microangiopathy (TMA) in a Myeloma PatientHeidy Hendra
2020P372P372 - Transplantation of elderly patients is associated with inferior outcomes compared with younger patients.Amarpreet Thind
2020P373P373 - Can Far-infrared therapy improve pain associated with vascular access whilst on haemodialysis? A short pilot study.Tamasin Stevenson
2020P375P375 - Service Evaluation to describe fluid assessment characteristics in patients with stage-3 Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) requiring dialysisKaren Nagalingam
2020P376P376 - The fourth “T”Joanne Skinner
2020P377P377 - Validating a method of continuous non-invasive arterial pressure measurement during haemodialysisPaul Stewart
2020P378P378 - Efficient extended follow-up and its effects on patient questionnaire responses: lessons from the EQUAL study in the UKEmer Gates
2020P379P379 - Association of postural balance and falls in adult patients receiving haemodialysis: a prospective cohort study.Tobia Zanotto
2020P380P380 - The benefits and mechanisms of peer support for people who start dialysis without preparationEleri Wood
2020P381P381 - Dapagliflozin inhibition of non-canonical Smad signalling prevents fibrotic outcomes in diabetic kidney diseaseXinlu Pan
2020P382P382 - Structural brain changes in Haemodialysis patients compared to Healthy Controls assessed using MRIVenkata Gullapudi
2020P383P383 - An audit on the efficient use of renal procedure lists and the impact of the procedure list on the hospital length of stay (LOS)Georgina Morris
2020P384P384 - Examining the clinical utility of antiphospholipase A2 receptor antibody testing in a real-world settingJames Millar
2020P385P385 - Five and Ten Year Outcomes of a Large Cohort of Patients with Membranous Nephropathy treated with TacrolimusLina Nikolopoulou
2020P386P386 - The relationship of the follow-up peritoneal white cell count and the catheter outcome in patients with PD peritonitisKanwal Sandhu
2020P387P387 - The association between the Standardising Outcomes in Nephrology – Haemodialysis Fatigue measure and UK patient- and treatment- related characteristics.James Fotheringham
2020P388P388 - The rise and fall of peritoneal dialysis: a service development initiative to enhance peritoneal dialysis provisionGwenno Edwards
2020P389P389 - The use of the kidney failure risk equation to risk stratify patients referred to a tertiary renal centreReem Taha
2020P391P391 - Factors affecting health-related quality of life in persons approaching dialysisFiona Willingham
2020P392P392 - Demographic variability of kidney function in live donors- a large single Centre analysisTina Thomson
2020P393P393 - Post renal transplant diabetesAshveer Randhay
2020P394P394 - Introducing a dashboard approach to improve documentation and monitoring of Haemodialysis (HD) patients.Amanda Hadfield
2020P395P395 - Quantifying the positive environmental impact of a virtual kidney clinic in East LondonJess Dilliway
2020P397P397 - Single centre clinical outcomes of membranous glomerulonephritis over 10 yearsSamar Qaisera Bukhari
2020P398P398 - The development of novel method for non-invasive continuous blood pressure monitoring during haemodialysisBethany Lucas
2020P399P399 - Investing in the team: Use of realistic case scenarios to facilitate intra-professional team learning.Kathryn Watson
2020P400P400 - Kidney transplantation in patients more than 70-year-old: right for the patient, wrong for the organ? - A single centre studyMysore Phanish
2020P401P401 - Choosing renal replacement therapy- do patients start and stay on the same modality?Julia Arnold
2020P403P403 - Improving Kidney Transplant rates in the South West through the Kidney Quality Improvement Partnership (KQuIP)Steve Dickinson
2020P404P404 - Glomerular microRNAs are Primary Instigators of Diabetic NephropathyAlexa Wonnacott
2020P405P405 - Dietetic Assistant versus Specialist Renal Dietitian: Investigating efficiencies in the Dietetic workforceTina Dilloway
2020P407P407 - Recipient outcome after declining a deceased-donor kidney offerDhriti Dosani
2020P408P408 - Developing precise fluid assessment in acute kidney injury– a comparison of clinical assessment versus bioimpedance.Julia Arnold
2020P410P410 - Aetiological subtypes of TIA and ischaemic stroke in chronic kidney disease: population-based studyDearbhla Kelly
2020P411P411 - Stroke severity, recovery and recurrence in chronic kidney disease: population-based studyDearbhla Kelly
2020P412P412 - Major Adverse Cardiovascular Events (MACE) after kidney transplantation: a population-cohort analysis of English transplant centresBenjamin Anderson
2020P413P413 - Pregnancy and Preconception Checks in Women with Renal disease ) - An AuditGabrielle Goldet
2020P414P414 - Dietary and physical activity/exercise behavioural interventions for weight loss in adults with chronic kidney disease: a systematic reviewSusan Rowley
2020P416P416 - Managing a Pneumocystis jirovecii pneumonia outbreak in a renal transplant population: Challenges and opportunitiesDaniela Farrugia
2020P419P419 - Outcomes of a Pneumocystis jirovecii pneumonia outbreak in a renal transplant population of 420 prevalent patientsDaniela Farrugia
2020P420P420 - Biopsy-proven acute interstitial nephritis, 2005-2017: a case series.Rafeea Shah
2020P421P421 - Kidney single-cell atlas reveals myeloid heterogeneity in progression and regression of kidney diseaseEoin O'Sullivan
2020P422P422 - What patients preferred as RRT modality and what they received? A retrospective cohort study from a single center in the UKRafeea Shah
2020P423P423 - Alternative phosphorylation states of protein tyrosine kinases SHP-1 as a biomarker for renal activity in lupus nephritis patientsGisele Vajgel
2020P424P424 - Hepato-pulmonary-renal presentation with pericardial haemorrhage in a returning traveller: a severe case of leptospirosis.Saif Al-chalabi
2020P425P425 - Twice-daily assisted CAPD: innovating dialysis delivery for the frail elderlyRichard Corbett
2020P426P426 - Effect of PD catheter length on mechanical complications in patients on peritoneal dialysisBhrigu Raj Sood
2020P427P427 - Renal epithelial senescence drives post injury fibrosisEoin O'Sullivan
2020P429P429 - Abandoning the ‘One-Size-Fits-All’ Dialysis Prescription: Substantial Numbers of Patients Likely to Benefit?Roger Greenwood
2020P430P430 - Infective endocarditis in patients receiving haemodialysis: epidemiology in a single centreSaif Al-chalabi
2020P431P431 - AKI episodes – do episode definitions impact outcomes reported?Tim Scale
2020P432P432 - The costs and harms of institutional transport for haemodialysisAnamika Adwaney
2020P433P433 - Rethinking Access for Dialysis in Older People: Proposed Study DesignAnamika Adwaney
2020P434P434 - Treatment of adult patients with relapsing Minimal Change Disease with targeted B cell depletionRakesh Dattani
2020P436P436 - Frailty Predicts Mortality and Emergency Admissions in Prevalent Haemodialysis Recipients: A Comparison of Commonly Used Frailty Scores in a Large Prospective UK Haemodialysis CohortBenjamin Anderson
2020P437P437 - Single Cell RNA Sequencing of Immune Cells in Models of Acute Kidney Injury and Chronic Renal FibrosisBnar Talabani
2020P438P438 - Patient values towards vascular access across differing age groupsAnamika Adwaney
2020P439P439 - Incidence and outcomes of gram-negative bacteraemias in haemodialysis patients – 12 year single-centre experienceFatima Malik
2020P440P440 - Recommending renal diet related mobile applications : Where do we start?Jennie Dawson
2020P441P441 - Virtual Kidney Clinics are Cost-effective to the SystemDaniel McGuinness
2020P442P442 - Plasma biomarkers to identify patients at increased risk of chronic kidney disease (CKD) progression following an episode of acute kidney injury (AKI)Nick Selby
2020P443P443 - Improvements in peritonitis rates in London over 16 yearsRichard Corbett
2020P444P444 - The spectrum of disease in children with end-stage kidney disease using registry and linked electronic health record data.Lucy Plumb
2020P445P445 - Outcomes Amongst Jehovah’s Witnesses in a Tertiary Renal CentreCaroline Tulley
2020P446P446 - Advancing Patient-Centered Tolerability Assessment among Kidney Transplant RecipientsJohn Peipert
2020P447P447 - Contactin-1 is a novel antigen in primary membranous glomerulonephritis (MGN) and in CIDP-associated MGNJanev Fehmi
2020P448P448 - Contactin-1 is a novel antigen in primary membranous glomerulonephritis (MGN) and in CIDP-associated MGNAlan Salama
2020P449P449 - Simulation Based Learning for Acute Kidney Injury: An effective educational method to improve medical student understanding and confidence?Rebecca Ryan
2020P451P451 - New Initiative. Weight loss support group for patients requiring renal transplant.Lisa Harrison
2020P452P452 - Increasing uptake of peritoneal dialysis in unplanned starters: A quality improvement project in a large tertiary centerAsra Karim
2020P455P455 - The impact of nurse-led clinics in the management of patients with CystinuriaLavanya Kamesh
2020P456P456 - Characterisation of haemodynamic responses to haemodialysis using frequency analysis of continuous blood pressure measurementsVenkata Gullapudi
2020P457P457 - A Novel Approach to anaemia management in an advanced kidney care settingClare Morlidge
2020P462P462 - Reducing Prevalence of Alkalosis and Improving Adherence to Bicarbonate Targets Amongst Haemodialysis Patients Through the Use of Reduced Dialysate BicarbonateCaroline Tulley
2020P466P466 - Designing a portable dialysis system - what is needed?Shailesh Agarwal
2020P468P468 - Implementing an Access multidisciplinary team meetings to improve vascular access service – single centre experience from the UK.Heidi Jimenez
2020P469P469 - Assessment of risk of post-operative acute kidney injury in a large unselected cohort of patientsmahmoud montasser
2020P470P470 - Identifying the unknown knowns: the utility of recording diagnoses electronically to identify individuals with polycystic kidney disease who had been previously discharged and may be suitable for tolvaptanIsmet Boral
2020P471P471 - Assessment of physical activity in chronic hemodialysis patients in the nephrology and hemodialysis department CHU IBN ROCHDImane Failal
2020P472P472 - Gram-negative bacteraemias in haemodialysis patients - pathogens and source identification. A 12 year single-centre experienceFatima Malik
2020P473P473 - Renal revascularisation in patients with complete renal artery occlusion: a single centre experienceAine De Bhailis
2020P474P474 - Professional Impact of Iterative Hemodialysis on Hemodialysed Patients at University Hospital IBN ROCHDImane Failal
2020P475P475 - Higher rate of technique failure of non-fluoroscopic insertion of left IJV tesio lines and associated outcomes from a single centre experienceAlanna Scally
2020P476P476 - Screening and Risk Factors for Vascular Calcifications in Hemodialysed PatientsImane Failal
2020P478P478 - Prevalence of echocardiographic anomalies in hemodialysis at Chu Ibn RochdImane Failal
2020P479P479 - Knowledge, attitudes and perceptions of organ donation by students in medicineImane Failal
2020P480P480 - Single unit experience of nurse led monthly quality assurance reviews on a haemodialysis unitVeena Reddy
2020P482P482 - Identifying stable patients suitable for primary care follow-up in a large non-dialysis CKD cohort.Sophia Mohammed
2020P485P485 - Prognostic Significance of Erythropoiesis-Stimulating Agent Dose Requirements in PIVOTAL and its Implications for the Potential Mechanisms of IV Iron Benefit in Maintenance Haemodialysis PatientsBen Oliveira
2020P486P486 - Cocaine induced thrombotic microangiopathy with acute kidney injury, a rare presentationMuhammad Azam
2020P487P487 - Acute renal failure following poisoning by juniper tar (cade oil)Imane Failal
2020P488P488 - Acute renal failure: epidemiological, etiological, therapeutic and progressive profileImane Failal
2020P489P489 - Autotransplantation of a solitary kidney for recurrent Renal Artery Stenosis in a patient with Zinner’s syndromeMichelle C Z Chong
2020P490P490 - Mineralocorticoid receptor blockade preserves the glomerular endothelial glycocalyx and normalises glomerular albumin permeability in diabetic nephropathyMichael Crompton
2020P491P491 - Case report - donor derived allergyMadhu Mati Shahani
2020P492P492 - Adjusted Donor Age – Validity and Influence on Deceased Donor Offer DecisionsChristoph Mahler
2020P493P493 - Adjusted Donor Age - a Simple Score Summarising Deceased Donor Risk in TransplantationChristoph Mahler
2020P494P494 - Improving assessment of thrombotic and bleeding risk in chronic kidney disease: Evaluation of thromboelastometry (TEM) profilesAlyaa Abdelmaguid
2020P495P495 - Fibromuscular Dysplasia: One unit’s experienceAine De Bhailis
2020P496P496 - IgG4-Related Disease in a patient with Hodgkin`s Lymphoma in remission: A case report.Farid Ghalli
2020P497P497 - Using the Duke Activity Status Index (DASI) to calculate Metabolic equivalence of Task (METs) in haemodialysis patients with chronic kidney disease as an alternative to exercise stress testing.Amy Joyce
2020P498P498 - Improving the transition from paediatric to adult nephrology services: the impact of introducing a specialist young adult clinicLaura Skinner
2020P499P499 - Preventing Fatal Vascular Access Haemorrhage in Elderly or Disabled Dialysis Patients – Risk Factors and Practical SolutionsManjinder Singh
2020P500P500 - Mycophenolate Mofetil And The Incidence Of Skin Cancer In Kidney Transplant Recipients;A Secondary Data AnalysisSarah Yusuf
2020P502P502 - Influence of Human Leukocyte Antigen Status and Gender of Positive Crossmatch Patients on Long-term Survival Outcomes of Antibody Incompatible Renal TransplantationNandhini Macha
2020P503P503 - Choice experiments in older people with advanced renal disease: a ‘think aloud’ studyGeorge Kimpton
2020P504P504 - Inpatient Electronic AKI Reports: Do they improve clinical outcomes?Seema Jain
2020P505P505 - Acute Kidney injury caused by IgA nephropathy induced by Anti-TNF-α therapy (Adalimumab): A case reportFarid Ghalli
2020P506P506 - Identification of differentially methylated genes in individuals with end-stage kidney disease attributed to diabetic kidney diseaseLaura Smyth
2020P507P507 - TAVI outcomes in dialysis patients; the experience of one tertiary referral centreJamie Willows
2020P508P508 - The National Unified Renal Translational Research Enterprise (NURTuRE): A unique cohort of persons with chronic kidney disease and national biorepositoryMaarten Taal
2020P509P509 - Introducing Northern Renal Alliance co-production team. Cementing the future for the renal service user at South Tyneside and Sunderland NHS Trust.Laura Thompson
2020P510P510 - Consent 4 transplantation: A single centre retrospective cohort analysis of transplant decision-making in adult kidney patients who lack capacityRebecca Thom
2020P511P511 - NURTuRE-INS - a national cohort study to facilitate stratified medicine in idiopathic nephrotic syndromeLiz Colby
2020P512P512 - Post-Partum Microangiopathic haemolytic anaemia, thrombocytopenia and AKI: post partum haemorrhage vs complement mediated aHUSKate Smith-jackson
2020P513P513 - Point of Care Ultrasound leads to improvement in early diagnosis and intervention in Nephrology service provisionHaroon Ayub
2020P514P514 - The SIMPLIFIED Registry Trial: Towards Delivery of Streamlined Dialysis Trials in the United Kingdom.Kerrie Brusby
2020P515P515 - Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter Insertion under Local Anaesthesia: A Single Centre Tertiary Care Renal Unit Experience.Subash Somalanka
2020P516P516 - Renal interprofessional simulation and education (RISE) – using in situ simulation based education to enhance patient care and safetyWilliam Booth
2020P517P517 - The association between kidney biopsy and socioeconomic deprivation in patients with diabetesRhodri Pyart
2020P518P518 - Assessment of autonomic response in haemodialysis induced hypovolaemia: comparative analysis of haemodynamic parameters with power spectra of heart-rate variabilityJill Stewart
2020P519P519 - Open label randomized controlled study to evaluate the role of Metformin to retard the progression of ADPKDArpita Ray Chaudhury
2020P520P520 - Frailty is associated with ESRD choices but executive function impairment may impact patient decision makingStephen John
2020P521P521 - Alteplase versus urokinase in restoring blood-flow in haemodialysis - catheter thrombosisTamasin Stevenson
2020P522P522 - The impact of an AKI improvement programme and an AKI nurse on outcomes in a busy district general hospitalGowrie Balasubramaniam
2020P524P524 - 30-day readmission metric as a quality measureHarsha Wodeyar
2020P525P525 - Dialysis Unit Emergencies: Challenges of Simulating a Fire EvacuationHelen Swanborough
2020P527P527 - Improving Access to Transplantation –A Unit’s Experience of Quality ImprovementGemma Fox
2020P528P528 - Development of an in-silico cardiovascular model to investigate vascular refilling response during haemodialysisThomas Walker
2020P529P529 - Intradialytic magnetic resonance imaging for research studies – a dialysis nursing perspectiveKelly White
2020P531P531 - Is there an IBD related nephropathy?Heidy Hendra
2020P532P532 - Pregnancy in women with nephrotic-range proteinuriaShuli Svetitsky
2020P533P533 - Diagnostic accuracy of existing AVF function criteria in assessing functional dialysis use.Chloe Rai
2020P534P534 - Annual burden of emergency hospital admissions for patients on Renal Replacement Therapy (RRT) in England – GIRFT analysis of linked UK Renal Registry (UKRR) and Hospital Episodes Statistics (HES) data over a 5 year period 2013-2017.Javeria Peracha
2020P535P535 - Investigating the role amphiregulin in kidney defence and repairKevin Loudon
2020P536P536 - Lower limb amputation within 5 years of commencing dialysis for patients in England: GIRFT retrospective analysis of linked Renal Registry and Hospital Episode Statistics data 2001-2017Javeria Peracha
2020P537P537 - Corporate Social Responsibility - Revamping protocols and changing practice to promote ethical sustainable responsible business in haemodialysis.Laura Thompson
2020P538P538 - English transplant centre variation in early (30 day) and late (365 day) readmission rates following renal transplantation – a UK Renal Registry and GIRFT analysis of Hospital Episode Statistics (HES)Javeria Peracha
2020P540P540 - Assessment of patient sensitivity to exit site dressing on central venous catheters, on a maintenance dialysis unit.Julie Jackson
2020P541P541 - Disseminated Trichosporon infection in a cardiac and renal transplant recipient - presenting as skin lesions mimicking calciphylaxisJaveria Peracha
2020P542P542 - Eculizumab in pregnant patients with Atypical Haemolytic Uraemic Syndrome (aHUS)Lisa Batchelor
2020P543P543 - Change in haemodialysis intravenous iron preparation increases care qualityAzra Alvi
2020P546P546 - The case for a renal transplant DietitianDan Griffith
2020P547P547 - Genetic, Clinical, and Pathologic Backgrounds of Patients with Hereditary COL4A3/COL4A4/COL4A5 variants: Single Centre ExperienceVishnu Jeyalan
2020P548P548 - Patency of tunnelled central venous catheters for haemodialysis access: a systematic review and meta-analysisSarah Blakey
2020P549P549 - Outcomes at 90 Days Following Acute Kidney Injury Requiring Haemodialysis (AKI-D)Javeria Peracha
2020P550P550 - Outcomes of angioplasties in arteriovenous fistulae/grafts – a single centre tertiary care renal unit experience in the UK.David Makanjuola
2020P551P551 - Implementing a multi-centre quality improvement project to improve access to and experience of home dialysisCatherine Stannard
2020P552P552 - Comparison of Various Induction agents in Low risk kidney transplantation – A single centre experienceGirish Namagondlu
2020P553P553 - Assessment of the incidence and outcomes of lymphomas in a single centre post renal transplantationEmma Morganti
2020P554P554 - Efficacy of Tolvaptan in the treatment of Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney disease in maintaining residual renal funtion– a single centre experienceSimon Williams
2020P555P555 - Establishing a PD catheter insertion service by nephrologists – a single centre experienceSharmila Bandyopadhyay
2020P556P556 - Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate Equations: Do we need to use the ethnicity correction factor in the United Kingdom?Kate Bramham
2020P557P557 - The knowledge base deficiency of Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) management amongst healthcare professionals: Cause for concern.Chris Agbo
2020P558P558 - Bacteraemia in haemodialysis patientsRhodri Pyart
2020P559P559 - Baclofen toxicity as a reversible cause of decreased consciousness in haemodialysis patientsFarid Ghalli
2020P560P560 - Review of histological variants and outcomes in IgA NephropathyAmy Hudson
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