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Page last updated: 04/08/2020

Dialysis Protocols for use in ICU

Intermittent Acute Haemodialysis

COVID 19 critical care 1.2

COVID 19 critical care 1.3

Critical care renal replacement therapy SOP Acute haemodialysis prescription

Acute Dialysis Intermittent hemodialysis for critically ill patients

Kings Acute Haemodialysis Prescription

SLEDD (Slow/Sustained Low Efficiency Daily Dialysis



SLEDDf guidelines

SLED flowchart

Protocol for sustained low-efficiency daily diafiltration (SLEDD-f) using Prismaflex machines and heparin anticoagulation

Guidance for prescribing First RRT (SLEDD & SCRUFF) in ICCU

SLED Protocol – Nipro

UHN Housestaff Guidebook July 2019


Peritoneal Dialysis

Acute Peritoneal Dialysis on Intensive Care Units protocol

Training programmes for ICU nurses

Learning package

Student nurses new to renal Session 1 CKD

Instructions to access online Foundation Module in Kidney Care

Worksheet for Kidney Session 1 

Worksheet for kidney session 1 with answers

Worksheet for Kidney Session 2 

Worksheet for Kidney Session 2 with answers 

Student nurses new to renal Session 2 AKI

Above learning package resource is provided by Professor Nicola Thomas from London South Bank University


SLED Guidelines – Nottingham Renal and Transplant Unit

SLED Quick Guide – Nottingham Renal and Transplant Unit

SLED guideline – Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust 

Acute dialysis script – Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust 

Improving Patient Safety – Dialysis Procedures video – Barts Health NHS Trust 

Resource for Renal Professionals

Recommendations for the use of enhanced PPE for staff caring for patients with suspected or proven COVID-19 infection in Renal units – Last updated 04/08/2020

Recommendations for minimising the risk of transmission of COVID-19 in UK adult haemodialysis units – Last updated 04/08/2020

Acute Kidney Injury in COVID-19 -Caring for Patients Requiring Alternative Renal Replacement Therapy in Critical Care Units – Last updated 03/08/2020

Resuscitation in Haemodialysis Units use of Personal Protective EquipmentLast updated 26/06/2020

Nutritional considerations when using acute peritoneal dialysis for the treatment of acute kidney injury – Last Updated 26/05/2020

Convalescent plasma donors Covid-19 – Last Updated: 12/05/2020

NICE COVID-19 rapid guideline: acute kidney injury in hospital Last Updated: 06/05/2020

Eating or drinking during hospital or satellite unit based haemodialysis and COVID-19 – Last Updated 04/05/2020

Guidance on the management of transplant recipients diagnosed with or suspected of having COVID19 – Last Updated: 24/04/2020

Clinical guide for renal replacement therapy options in critical care during the coronavirus pandemic – Last Updated: 20/04/2020

Urgent patient issues: patient shielding, AKI & equitable access to ITU – Last Updated 14/04/2020

COVID-19: Checklist and Guidance for management of Peritoneal Dialysis Programmes – Last Updated: 02/04/2020

Guidance on supply and use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Last Updated: 30/03/2020

Guidance for clinicians with patients receiving immunosuppression treatment – Last Updated: 27/03/2020

BDA Critical Care Specialist Group Guidance: COVID-19 – Last Updated: 26/03/2020

Recommendations for minimising risk of transmission of COVID-19 on UK ha…Last Updated: 16/12/2020


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