Renal waiting list and transplant patients

Last updated: 24/03/2020

COVID-19 in renal waiting list and transplant patients – national reporting to NHSBT


NHS Blood and Transplant have established a national reporting system for COVID-19 confirmed in solid organ waiting list and transplant patients.

Please see below for the reporting forms that NHSBT are using.

COVID-19 Initial presentation
COVID-19 follow up form

A pragmatic assessment of the minimum dataset required to be returned was agreed with relevant Advisory Group chairs and is in line with European data collection. These forms are for real time reporting to facilitate information and learning between peers, although the mechanism for that is not yet agreed (any suggestions are welcome).  We hope that later, acknowledging all the limitations of the data, it may be linked to other data sources to enable some meaningful analysis.

The NHSBT website link for the forms and other COVID-19 information is –

NHSBT would strongly encourage clinical teams to access the platform to provide details for any actively wait-listed or transplanted patient who has confirmed COVID-19 infection.  If you require any further details please contact Lisa Mumford  or Rachel Johnson from NHSBT.