Quality Improvement + Clinical Practice

Quality Improvement + Clinical Practice

The BRS currently has a Vice President for Clinical Development:Hannah Young (Physiotherapist in Renal and Exercise Rehabilitation) and a Vice President for Clinical Practice :Karen Jenkins (Renal Consultant Nurse). * Please note Dr Antonia Cronin is currently covering the role for Clinical Development

The roles of the vice presidents are to:

  • Work with BRS Council, the Society President and other Vice Presidents to support the business of the Society.
  • Facilitate feedback and involvement from the BRS affiliate groups to support initiatives in Clinical Practice, Clinical Development and Quality Improvement
  • Develop collaboration with the Renal Association, working with relevant RA committees on Quality Improvement, Patient Safety and Clinical Guideline Development.
  • Represent the Society in joint working with other relevant external groups and Associations, to support developments in quality, safety and clinical practice
  • Report regularly on activities to BRS Council

Current role specific initiatives:

VP Clinical Development – Clinical Practice:

  • Working collaboratively with relevant MDT groups, patients and associations, advise and assist with guideline development and recommendations for practice
  • Point of contact and advisor for affiliates and Special Interest Groups i.e. Vascular Access, Supporting Young Adults/shared decision making
  • Liaising with Journal of Kidney Care to have a regular BRS feature
  • Establish links with RA clinical guideline committee
  • To co-ordinate responses on consultation exercises on behalf of BRS and its affiliates e.g. NICE guidance, service specification, commissioning
  • Co-chair Kidney Patient Safety Committee

VP Clinical Development – Quality Improvement

  • Member of RA Clinical Services Committee, supporting patient safety agenda
  • Advance quality improvement initiatives through liaison with VP for Education and VP for Research and as a member of the Kidney Health Partnership Committee
  • Joint chair of KQUIP and BRS lead on KQUIP initiatives
  • Lead for BRS workforce planning and development

The Clinical Development & Clinical Practice VP’s will be developing a committee combining both areas and are keen to hear from anyone who is interested in joining them

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