World Kidney Day 2020

#KidneysMatter – our new campaign

For 2020’s World Kidney Day, the major kidney charities and professional organisations in the UK are working together to raise awareness about the vital role our kidneys play.

Our new campaign #KidneysMatter –The BIG topic everyone is ignoring will show how important kidneys are, what can happen when they go wrong and how to keep them healthy and reduce the risk of kidney disease.

What will you see?

#KidneysMatter features a big yellow kidney – which is hard to ignore. You’ll see it in a range of materials which you can share on social media, use to run awareness events, and as a talking point with your friends. And we’ll be working with people who can help get the message out as wide as we can, including the media and the kidney community.

We would love it if you got involved, and we are creating a range of materials for you to use to help us spread the word. These will be available shortly and you’ll be able to order them via the website

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