Renal Nurse of the Year Award 2020

The BRS is pleased to support the British Journal of Nursing Renal Nurse of the Year Award 2020
This award celebrates the hard work and dedication of nurses working in clinical practice across all areas of kidney care.
Nominations can be made using the form found HERE or on line

When nominating please consider:

What has this nurse or team contributed to renal nursing?
How has this contribution impacted patient care?
How will their work continue to support renal nursing?
What evidence (if any) is there to support this contribution?

Entries will be judged on the following criteria:

Has the candidate has achieved something special in her/his nursing career and has it benefited patient care?
Does the candidate demonstrate a particular individual approach to patients using the essentials of compassionate care and best evidence?
Has the candidate introduced or developed an innovative or creative idea that clearly shows her/his nursing care has gone that little bit further than just ‘doing a good job’?
Does the candidate’s subject area for the award fit into the appropriate category?
Is there written evidence or a description of the nurse’s achievement that can be backed up by further evidence and proof of implementation?

The British Renal Society would like to invite the winner to present at UK Kidney Week Conference in Birmingham in June 2020 & offer them complimentary registration for their conference