RA majority vote in favour of new organisation- The UK Kidney Association

As you are aware, at our BRS council meeting in December, there was unanimous support in favour of the BRS joining with the RA to form a new, single, professional organisation, the UK Kidney Association. The RA recently voted and there was an overwhelming majority (>95%), in favour of the merger between the BRS and the RA.

Thank you to all the BRS and RA Officers and Trustees for their hard work helping to realise the very exciting opportunity that we now have, working together in a new, single, professional organisation.  The critical final step in the process was the vote from both the BRS Council, and the RA membership.

There are many positives to a single organisation including; improved delivery to members, reduced costs allowing reinvestment in the community, better coordination, less duplication and greater national impact in many key areas that significantly impact our community.

Due diligence has been completed by both parties and a Heads of Terms agreement has been signed by both Presidents. A formal transition will begin at the end of March, with an official launch set to take place at an AGM in June 2021.

We will continue to work closely with our BRS Council and affiliate group leads to ensure your roles and needs are met, and to make the integration process as smooth as possible.

We seek to continue and enhance our relationships with our key external stakeholder organisations and will be in contact. We ask for your continued patience and support while we enter this transition.

Please see the link below for a view of the proposed structure of the UKKA


We will be in touch with the leads of all the BRS affiliate groups and special interest groups in the near future to discuss, and progress plans for closer working arrangements.

Best wishes and stay well,


Dr Sharlene Greenwood

President of the BRS