Life Threatening Bleed: Improving Patient Safety

The BRS  Vascular Access Special Interest Group and Vascular Access Society of Britain & Ireland (VASBI)  launch new recommendations and resources to prevent a life threatening bleed from dialysis access.

Due to several reported incidents of life-threatening bleeds (LTB) from arteriovenous fistulae (AVF) and grafts (AVG) these two groups have worked together to compile a set of recommendations for prevention of a life threatening bleed  on dialysis and guidance on how to manage it effectively when it occurs. Both of which will help prevent catastrophic harm to patients.

This work is to be commended as it will help to reduce harm and improve patient safety for patients receiving haemodialysis.

Posters, patient information leaflets and the recommendations can be accessed and downloaded below:


Dialysis Patient Card_Front

Dialysis Patient Card_Back

Information for Patients AVF and graft BRS Final


Pre-Needling Assessment

Recommendations for Managing LTB of AVF and AVG 2018