Join the renal community’s COVID-19 briefing call – Friday 10 July 2020 16:00

Since mid-March there has been a regular national call around COVID-19  including members of the national renal professional societies, patient groups, NHS leads, and industry partners. Until a month ago this was held weekly and is now being held ​each fortnight.  These calls have been particularly useful in cross-briefing information, and ensuring that we are doing all we can collectively to support each other through COVID-19.

The calls are open to all members of the UK kidney community, and we are sending this email to alert you that we are planning to continue them through to the end September. We will then review  whether they continue to be useful. If you wish to join them then you are very welcome to do so. We would greatly appreciate involvement from across the renal community. They will be Zoom calls and we will record them and provide a link for colleagues who cannot get on the call but who wish to access them.

If there are specific topics that you want covered then please let us know and we will endeavour to include them. The terms of reference for the call are attached below. We will send an agenda out and a link for the call the day before.

Terms of reference for the UK RENAL COVID-19 briefing call

1. Open to all members of the UK Kidney community (professional societies, patients groups, industry partners, local, regional, and national service leaders for Kidney care).

2. Aims
a. To provide updates and discuss core issues relevant to COVID-19 for
i. Protecting and supporting patients
ii. Protecting and supporting staff
iii. Ensuring resilience for further COVID-19 surges

b. To overview those areas crucial to maintaining kidney care during a COVID-19 pandemic
i. Local renal services
ii. Regional renal transplant services
iii. Patient group priorities

3. To support the working of all areas of kidney care, focusing on awareness of work in process, consolidating on work done, identifying priorities of need.

4. To support collaborative working between organisations (NHS national organisations, regional networks, professional societies, patient groups, industry partners)

5. To update on new research and QI findings

6. To gather exemplars of practice within the kidney community and create a repository for information

7. Frequency and timing: alternate weeks (next call 10 July. Review date end Sept 2020)

8. Dissemination: Agenda two days in advance; Recordings of each call available until subsequent call.


Yours sincerely,

Paul Cockwell, Karen Jenkins and Katie Vinen on behalf of the UK RENAL COVID-19 briefing call group