British Renal Society statement on the provision of transport for patients requiring haemodialysis treatment:

In response to recent proposals by local commissioners to limit the provision of transport for patients requiring haemodialysis by financial means testing, the British Renal Society and all of its Affiliates have agreed the following statement:

  1. Haemodialysis is an essential and life-sustaining therapy for those who require it and the consequences of missing even one treatment session may be catastrophic. The provision of transport for people requiring haemodialysis should therefore be regarded as an intrinsic part of the treatment.
  2. Many people who require haemodialysis suffer substantial disability due to the complications of end-stage kidney disease and associated medical problems, resulting in them being dependent on transport to attend for their dialysis treatments.
  3. In keeping with the principle that the NHS should provide treatment “free at the point of delivery”, transport to and from haemodialysis units should be provided free of charge on the basis on clinical need only and should not be restricted in any way by financial considerations.

Approved unanimously by the Council and Trustees of the BRS on 11 December 2017