World Kidney Day in the UK


As you will of course be aware, World Kidney Day takes place at the beginning of March next year.

The overall campaign in the UK is led by the Kidney Charities Together (KCT) group, comprising the BKPA, Kidney Research UK, Kids Kidney Research, NKD and the PKD Charity, with the aim of uniting with one powerful voice for kidney health awareness.

We would like to encourage you and members of your organisation, to work alongside individuals and patient groups, particularly the Kidney Patient Associations, where they exist, to support the day by organising an activity or event. The aim is to draw public attention to the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle to keep the kidneys healthy, what can be done to protect kidneys before disease strikes, and to assist patients who already have chronic kidney disease. Following the global theme, there will also be a focus on kidney disease and obesity.

A support pack will be available soon in both printed form and downloadable from the UK website where you will also find advice and ideas for activities. The pack contains kidney health information flyers, posters, World Kidney Day logo stickers as well as ideas for a local press release and how to boost interest through social media. It will be helpful though if you could register your interest in receiving a pack early, by contacting [email protected] and we know that they would appreciate receiving details on what your plans might be on the day.

You can also keep in touch and up to date through Facebook ( and Twitter (@kidneydayuk)  and indeed during March itself, the KCT group will be releasing a series of ‘kidney facts’ through these channels and if they can be re-posted and re-tweeted, through your own channels, they will spread far and wide.

Working together, we will have a much bigger impact as a renal community and we thank you for your support.

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