Education Committee

Purpose / role
Promote multiprofessional CPD for renal professionals

1. Design and deliver CPD sessions at the annual BRS meeting
2. To support the development of e-learning modules over a 5-year period
3. A core group of multi professionals will form the committee but will invite in at appropriate times other key people for development of CPD sessions

1.  Creation of multiprofessional team to co-ordinate CPD sessions each year
2. One CPD session each year will be linked to a new e-learning module being developed with OCB media and launched at each annual BRS conference
3. 80% evaluations of CPD sessions will be good each year
4. To undertake along with BRS a needs assessment across the UK of learning requirements in particular the MDT team
5. To develop ideas for CPD that are reactive to those needs and are in line with current developments
6. Each member will lead or co lead on a specific CPD session at each conference

Dr Helen Hurst Consultant Nurse Older People and Frailty , Central Manchester and Manchester Children’s NHS Foundation Trust
(new team chair Vice President June 2016) – previous lead dialysis group 2 years renewable up to 4 years, starting January 2013

Dr Nicola Thomas
Deputy Vice President Associate Professor in Kidney Care | School of Health and Social Care | London South Bank University
2 years renewable up to 4 years starting June 2016

Professor Edwina Brown Consultant Nephrologist Imperial College Kidney and Transplant Centre, Hammersmith Hospital, London, UK
( Past Chair and lead for Geriatric Nephrology group) – 3 years starting January 2013

Dr Kate McCarthy Renal Nurse Researcher, University Hospitals NHS Trust
Honorary Clinical Research Fellow, Coventry University
2 years renewable up to 4 years, starting June 2016

Dr Seema Singh Dietician  Quality and Information Lead  Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust West Renal and Transplant Services
2 years renewable up to 4 years, starting June 2016

Dr Richard Fielding Consultant Nephrologist Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
2 years renewable up to 4 years, starting June 2016

Marissa Dainton Senior Lecturer Adult Nursing Faculty of Health and Wellbeing Kent and Canterbury
2 years renewable up to 4 years Dec 2016