About the BRS

The British Renal Society began as The British Renal Symposium in 1989 to promote formal dialogue between the many specialist groups supporting professionals involved in the care of patients with kidney disease. It soon became apparent that such a strong multi-professional input could be of major benefit to the future development of renal care, by exerting influence at a number of levels including the advancement of the evidence base, the commissioning process, and the formulation of policy. Since becoming the British Renal Society in 2001, the Society has grown substantially.


  • The promotion of effective patient-centred multi professional care to improve quality of life for people with kidney failure, their families and carers
  • The advancement of education in the area of renal disease and replacement therapy in the UK
  • The funding and support of multi-professional research into kidney disease and its management

The BRS does not have individual members but is made up of Affiliates. The BRS Council is led by the BRS Officers (President, Immediate Past President, Vice Presidents for Research, Education, Clinical Practice and Clinical Development, Treasurer and Communications Secretary) and comprised of representatives from each Affiliate as well as the Special Interest Groups. The BRS Council meets quarterly and the Officers have fortnightly telephone conferences to facilitate ongoing activities.

BRS Secretariat:
Executive Business Support Ltd
City Wharf
Davidson Road
WS14 9DZ

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